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Expungement of an arrest or conviction record for a felony or misdemeanor. Arrest or conviction records for many misdemeanors and felonies are eligible for expungement. Once expunged, the record will be available only to the courts, law enforcement agencies, and certain employers.

You must wait seven years to apply for expungement if your case resulted in a felony conviction and three years for arrest records or misdemeanor convictions. However, Missouri law lists a number of offenses that are not eligible for expungement, including:. You may expunge only one felony record and two misdemeanor records in a lifetime. Expungement of an arrest record based on false information. Your arrest record is eligible for expungement—meaning that it will be destroyed or erased—if the arrest was based on false information and all of the following statements are true:.

Expungement of an arrest record for a motor vehicle offense.

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Your arrest record may be eligible for expungement if you were arrested for and charged with a misdemeanor motor vehicle offense and the charges were dropped or you were found not guilty at trial. A driving offense is not eligible for expungement if:. Closure of an arrest record.

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Your arrest record may qualify for closure—meaning that it will be hidden from public view—if you were arrested and charged and one of the following conditions applies:. If this law applies to you, your record should have been automatically closed by the court. If that did not happen, consult the court clerk or a criminal defense attorney for instructions on how to proceed. God bless u and your team. He is best what i found. And I will suggest you please work with him and you will see positive result for sure. You might get late reply like one or two days late because he is really busy and working with lots of cases but he will reply you for sure.

Thank you Christopher for your help!!!! We thoroughly researched lawyers for a criminal case and decided on Chris for his professionalism, track record, and fair pricing. Good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good, but you get MORE than what you pay for with Chris Combs and his staff. He was available to answer calls and texts with any questions at all times - he was always helpful in explaining everything and stayed on top of the game throughout the entire case.

Chris will work hard for you and he puts his clients first always. We will always recommend Combs Law Group and are very happy with our decision to hire him to represent our case. I hired Chris Combs when St. Louis City police falsely arrested and charged. Chris truly went the extra mile to defend me against a false arrest. Chris combs will fight to defend you every step of the way through the legal process.

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After Chris Combs and the St. Louis City Prosecutor cross examination against the arresting officer the judge agreed my rights were violated by the officer, and dismissed charges. Chris always answered my calls or text no matter what!! Chris gave me a very fair and competitive price!! Call Us.

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Email Us. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content. The Road to Senate Bill Adoption The Missouri Expungement Law brings some welcome relief to felons wanting to change their lives by becoming productive members of society. The 13 Offense Expungement Bill of the Past For the past four decades there has been little relief for felons seeking to have their criminal convictions expunged in Missouri.

The New Law With the Missouri Expungement Law , a process has been created where around 1, eligible offenses can be sealed. The Petition Process When eligible convicts are ready to start their petition process they have to file them in the jurisdiction where they were arrested, charged, and found guilty. There are of course convictions that cannot be expunged and they include see full list at the end of the article :Class A felony offenses Class A felony offenses Dangerous felonies as defined in section The Impact of Senate Bill on Unemployment Rates Beyond the Conviction Building Brighter Futures, a nonprofit, says that the sealing of old criminal records will help ex-cons with finding housing and jobs.

Missouri Requirements for DUI Expungement

How We Can Assist You Our attorneys have been studying this new law to bring the best possible outcomes for our clients as there are still many impediments to expungement in Senate Bill Andriy Palchak. AJ Benga. Victoria Nabual. My Fair Lady.

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Matt Feldewerth. Areas Served We proudly represent clients throughout the St. John, Black Jac, Shrewsbury, St. Charles County, St. Genevieve County. State, S. Defendant who was convicted of careless and imprudent driving and received a suspended imposition of sentence cannot appeal his conviction. Sandbothe, S.

Missouri Senate Approves Expansion of State’s Expungement Laws

No person convicted of or pleading guilty to a violation of section In Missouri no person found guilty of or pleading guilty to forcible rape or an attempt to commit forcible rape, forcible sodomy or an attempt to commit forcible sodomy shall be granted a suspended imposition of sentence or suspended execution of sentence. Find Attorney. For Attorneys. We Help!