Keeping military retirement after divorce louisiana

Yet during a divorce, that "household income" cannot be included in the settlement. It doesn't make any sense.

Overview of Divorce Laws in Louisiana

Colella said her organization's clients, many of whom are victims of domestic violence, have nothing to fall back on after a divorce because they've given up their lives and any chance at a career to take care of their veterans, only to be forced out of their marriages for safety reasons. So what happens if they get divorced?

Colella has advised her organization's followers to contact lawmakers in hopes that a bill will be passed allowing all veterans to keep both their retirement and disability pay -- a system known as "concurrent receipt. All rights reserved.

Dividing Retirement Assets: Answers From The Expert

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But Should He? The president said he may pull rank in the military's handling of separate legal cases against a Navy SEAL and two soldiers. Air Force News. Pay it forward , not back.

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Be the change you wish to see in the world. Stop complaining and being a bitch to women that have been brace enough and are resourceful to seek out their own answers. Make you Any better than another person. Read up on what judging will eventually become. We were married for 25 years and which I worked the same as he did. I also took care of the house the children and everything else that goes along with being a mother.

We made a decision while we were married to only contribute to one pension plan. So that we could have the extra money to enjoy the vacations and the extras with our children. So once he hit midlife crisis and decided he wanted to start running around with other women. I had to secure my future by filing a qualified domestic order. He went out on disability while we were still married. So tell me. He was long retired before he met her. I worked right along side my ex husband and cared for two toddlers mostly on my own while my husband completed his masters degree.

After he promoted it was his wish that I be home with our children. He moved us away from family, isolated us and became very abusive to the point of nearly killing me. Yes, I do deserve my share of his retirement and pension every bit as much as he does and not one person will ever make me feel guilty for that.

You never know what someone else has experienced. Try not to throw stones lest your glass house breaks one day. Be blessed. Because being married is a job. Like most of us who have fulltime employment outside of home and fulltime household positions taking care of the needs of our families including servicing and serving our husbands deserve compensation.

My divorce was final in The k requires a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to identify your share with the plan administrator. Ask your attorney for a recommendation of someone to draw up the document. You will probably have the funds transferred to an IRA in your name so you have control of them. As for the stock options, most companies will not transfer them into the name of a non-employee. So when you want to exercise them you will have to ask your spouse to exercise them on your behalf and remit the proceeds to you. Thank you for your reply. I do not have money for an attorney what would i have to do to start the process i have my divorce paper which include order for qdro. They guided me through. I filled out the QDRO form, sent it back to them for preaproval. In the meantime, I contacted them for the status of pre-approval. It will make the process faster.

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You will need to send the QDRO with court stamp , along with the divorce decree to your ex plan administrator. They will transfer the fund under new account for you. Or you can open IRA account to transfer the fund to. It took me a month to complete everything…while I heard it can take more than 3 months if you hire an attorney to do it. You can do it…if you do it yourself, you will be in control…instead of running around asking for the status… Good luck to you!

My ex husband sends me a check each month from his retirement account. We divorced in Texas years ago. He is retired military. The money sent from him was the way our Divorce decree was written because of Texas laws. Do I need to pay taxes on that money?

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How do I record it on my taxes. I am 59, in one mmm month I will be It depends on how your divorce agreement was worded. Or does this have to go to court to be settled. If your state provides for common law marriage, then you might need to get a divorce and negotiate a divorce settlement. Talk to an attorney to see what you are entitled to under the laws of your state.

My mom recently discovered her qdro and saw that my dad never transferred over a large portion of his retirement to which she was entitled. It has been about 9 years since their divorce was finalized and my mom just discovered this. My dad has acknowledged that he owes her the money. My question now is does he only owe her the amount specified on the document or does he also owe her the interest this accrued over the past 9 years? My mom claims he does and my dad claims he only owes the original figure. If it says she gets X portion plus earnings thereon to date of division, then she is owed the growth.

If it specifies a dollar amount, she may only be entitled to that. If you have questions re interpretation of what it provides, you should see an attorney. I was divorced in 08 in Texas. He has been right at 20 years.