Manhunt sex offenders in idaho on the loose

Tell us what that is. WINFREY: Coming up, I can't wait to meet a heroic little girl who suffered the unthinkable but somehow was able to outsmart the vicious child molester who had held her captive. I know. Announcements WINFREY: To give you a glimpse inside the mind of a child molester, authorities shared with us a perverse journal written by a sex offender in prison.

The author uses his time behind bars not to be rehabilitated, but to meticulously map out his future attacks on children once he's out of jail. Parents, I want you to pay attention to the manipulative, calculating details of how and where and when this child hunter and other child hunters plan to catch their prey. No place, not even a hospital emergency room, is off-limits.

Listen to this. Excerpt from videotape Unidentified Man 7: Park in hospital parking lot. Look for families with girls.

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Page by page, he spelled out each sinister step. First, he fantasizes about finding his prey in a hospital emergency room. Unidentified Man 7: Be sure family is small, not too many adults. Be sure children see you. Stand near counter, as if speaking with parents. Remember, we must get some food for your parents, too.

Unidentified Man 7: Walking around, looking for girls, homely-looking, poor. Make sure parents are elsewhere. Ask if parents ever buy them good quality clothes.

Idaho sex offenders challenge laws

Posing as a friend of the family is how he plans to prey upon a child shopping alone. If you don't have enough money, I'll pay the difference. Wave at child coming out from the store. Let her come to car. Put bags in back seat. Have tape and tie-downs ready to use. He's the director of Houston's crime victims unit, and stopping child predators is his passion.

Well, the reason why I wanted to run the tape is because I wanted people to understand how calculating it is. They're devious. They're cunning. They're secretive. They're diabolical.

They know how to play the game. The reality is most sex offenders are either on probation or they do a very short prison term, they're released on parole. Of the , sex offenders in this nation currently on the streets, about 25 percent--that's roughly , sex offenders right now are currently not in compliance with the rules and conditions of parole, probation and registry. That is a national public safety health crisis. And it's time that the nation realized that we have a war on sexual assault.

Highlights of most wanted sex offenders in Idaho

We have an epidemic and we need--instead of yelling and screaming about the injustices of the world, just exactly what you're doing here today, we need to do something about it. We need to demand tougher sentences. Coming up, a brave little girl who endured days of a molester's torture tells her terrifying story. I'm with ya. I'm with ya percent. Her final moments of freedom were captured by a neighbor's surveillance camera. Watch as the nine-year-old innocently walks right past her waiting attacker. A few minutes later, someone knocked on my door.

There was a man that I had never seen before. He asked me a couple of questions, and then a bit later, I started closing the door, and he pushed his way in and I got scared, and then he pulled me into my brother's room.

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He hurt me. He tied my feet with some string. He put me in a box. The attacker brutally beat them both. The surveillance camera then shows the car speeding away from her house.

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Jennette was tied up in the back seat. I thought that he was going to kill me. I started screaming and crying to get people's attention, and he turns around and he starts stabbing me with a screwdriver in my neck, and blood started squirting out. Unidentified Reporter: Nine-year-old Jennette Tamayo Jennette endured repeated rapes and terrifying torture.

I was afraid to go to sleep. I want to live. I want to graduate. I'm never going to go home. I didn't want him to hurt another child the same way he hurt me.

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I was trying to get his trust so I can get some evidence. So I grabbed some evidence and then put my handcuffs back on. I started making asthma noises.

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  • Detectives were stunned that she got away and had what they needed to catch her abductor. Jennette led investigators to her rapist's front door. Unidentified Man 8: I have never seen such a courageous little girl. I write in my diary in invisible ink because I don't want anybody to read what happened. When I see those stories in the news about other missing children, I start to cry. I prayed for Jessica and Shasta And let them find her safe and sound. Thank you so much for your courage.

    I don't know how many other children you might have saved by putting him behind bars. Thank you so much. And I know for the fathers and aunts and grandmothers here, this was a victory, and it also has to be hard, in some ways, because you know your daughter, your granddaughter didn't get away, but this is one that got away. The judge called this one of the most horrific crimes he had ever seen and sentenced David Montiel Cruz to more than years in prison. Thank you.