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Some violations such as a DUI conviction or not having insurance when you are in an accident can result in automatic suspension.


Whether you choose to get the points removed from your record or wait for time to erase the points, it is in your best interests to always strive to keep a clean driving record. Not only does a clean driving record matter to your insurance company, but it could also be of interest to a new employer. This is especially true for a job position that requires you to drive as part of your job description. Employers prefer employees with a clear driving record to protect their vehicles, their business, and their reputation.

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Even employers who do not require you to drive on-the-job may look for new hires with a clean driving record. This tells them a lot about the person and their commitment to following the rules. In their place, who would you hire: The employee with a clean driving record or one with two previous DUIs? Another reason to take a defensive driving course is to learn how to be a better driver. The opens in a new window statistics show that these courses prevent accidents and save lives.

These courses cover vehicle maintenance, accident prevention, and maintaining awareness of the road. Preventing accidents from happening will help keep you from adding more points to your driving record. It will also help keep you, other drivers, and pedestrians safer when you are on the road. Preventing accidents helps you keep a clean driving record by taking a more proactive approach to driving.

Defensive driving teaches drivers how to avoid distractions and keep their mind on the road. Knowledge of the laws and knowing the techniques for driving in all kinds of weather are just some of the ways defensive driving prevents accidents from happening.

The more serious offenses that lead to longer-lasting points on your driving record are also the ones that are more likely to result in serious accidents and injuries. Driving in a manner that is in contrast to the law goes beyond points on your driving record. Even a minor accident that is your fault could cost you a lot more in every way. Sometimes drivers receive points due to their actions or inactions in an auto accident.

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When they do, the resulting personal injury claim is a much greater concern than the one or two points a minor violation adds to their driving record. You should make maintaining a clear driving record a priority. It is always in your best interest to keep your driving record free of points by driving defensively and learning to avoid accidents. No matter how good a driver you think you are, there is always room for improvement.

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A defensive driving course is a simple way to learn the techniques you need to prevent being at fault for a car accident. All drivers need to be held accountable for their actions or inactions. If an accident caused by another driver results in your injury, this includes financial compensation to cover your medical bills, lost income, and other expenses.

If your car accident injuries were caused by another driver, you need a qualified California personal injury attorney to defend your rights. Contact Batta Fulkerson to schedule your free initial consultation and discuss your case.

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Employees are also responsible for promptly notifying their supervisor of expiration, conviction, or other DMV actions against their driver's license or certificate. Other units at UCI are also authorized under their own EPN requestor code to add, delete, and receive driver license records from the DMV for their area of responsibility.

Like the UCI Police, they maintain and disseminate driver license records and reports for employees under their jurisdiction who participate in the EPN program. UCI Police will conduct an annual audit of departments authorized to have their own requestor code.

This advises applicants that a current driver license record will be required prior to a final job offer and that the position is subject to the requirements of the EPN Program.

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Skip to main content. DC DMV complies with federal regulations regarding the use of credit cards, so to utilize the online services and pay with a credit card, use browsers with minimum version requirements, such as:. In addition to online, you may also request an uncertified or certified copy of your 3-, 5-, year, or full-history driver record by mail or in person at a designated DC DMV service center.

A list of service centers is available at the link below:. You will need to enclose or bring documentation of your full name, date of birth, Social Security number, driver license number if it differs from your Social Security number , a photocopy of your proof of identification, and a check or money order payable to DC Treasurer. Information on the proof of identification required is available at the links below:.