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Or could T-Mobile — still dealing with the detritus of a previous security breach — have prevented it? Despite the tossing around of the term "hack," no one knows whether the data was hacked or if it was obtained with a password. T-Mobile subscribers can access their e-mail, contacts and photos through a website protected by a user name and password. Given Hilton's less-than-savvy reputation, the favorite candidate for her secret password is "tinkerbell" — as in one of her pet pooches. T-Mobile spokesman Bryan Zidar said the company is cooperating with the Secret Service while its own computer forensics and security team investigates.

California student inherits Paris Hilton’s phone number — and calls | The Seattle Times

In a statement issued the day after the uproar began, T-Mobile stressed: "This includes the possibility that someone had access to one of Ms. The information could be accessed through Hilton's handset but it isn't stored there. The handset is the client while all the data resides on servers, which also makes it accessible by personal computer. Someone with Hilton's password could get in — as could someone using another computer where her login information has been stored. A computer on the set of The Simple Life , for example, or at a cafe or a friend's house.

Stars plagued as hackers put Paris Hilton's phone book on net

As for hacking, the most likely target would be server-side; the handset isn't Bluetooth-enabled. Secret Service spokesman Jonathan Cherry confirmed that an investigation is underway and said the agency has jurisdiction over cases of identity theft and device fraud.

FBI agents have been in touch with T-Mobile's security team, a bureau spokeswoman said. Neither would say if the FBI was conducting a full-fledged investigation or whether the two agencies were working together. Meanwhile — propelled by a bold-faced Drudge Report on a slow night — celebrities' phones started ringing off the hook as it became clear that Hilton's latest online exposure included hundreds of usually hard-to-get phone numbers.

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Paris Hilton hacker gets 11-month sentence

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Paris Hilton Phone Book

Some were annoying. Many involved slurred words. When the callers were told they had reached a college student at the University of California, Los Angeles, they refused to believe it. But by the time Hilton was sentenced to jail in June for violating probation, there was no avoiding it. The next day she went to a store to replace it, and when she got the new phone, her wireless carrier assigned her a new number. Service carriers say it is common for them to hold numbers for users an average of six months before reassigning them.

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In theory, the wait allows people to inform family, friends and business associates about the change.