Where is the vehicle speed sensor located

Raise the jacks until there is enough room for you to comfortably slide under the vehicle. Slide under the vehicle with your back to the ground. Look straight up on the passenger side of the vehicle. You will see the transmission. The speed sensor is on the right side of the transmission. Look for a small plug-type component coming out from the side. The speed sensor is about 3 inches in length and has an electrical connector coming straight off of it. Unplug the electrical wire. Pull the base of the wire connector straight out of the plug.

You will now have clear access to the bolt that secures the sensor in place. Remove the bolt using a wrench.

How to Repair a Vehicle Speed Sensor

It's right behind and below the gooseneck for the thermastat. Right behind the starter too. It's plugged into the tranny right next to the differential. Joined Feb 26, Lets be clear on this. The wheel sensors have nothing to do with the speed reported by the speedo. The only speed sensor you need to worry about for the ECU and gauge is the one on the tranny.

Vehicle Speed Sensor location

Cool, thanks guys! I'm definately not going to get them to install it tho, looks like there's only 3 bolts to take it off, bing bango, and she's done. Joined Oct 13, I had my wheel speed sensor go out and throw the abs light on I did it, and if I can do it anyone can do it!

The sensor is located on the two front wheels, by the breaks, it is the only cord that goes threw the wheel well and hooks up to the main wires of the car. If your near the dallas,Tx area, I wouldn't mind helping ya out.

Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

Anyways good luck! Joined Jan 28, I checked the connection, reset the ecu, and voila Well, i think the problem is related to my cruise control, when i turn on the cruise control then tap on the breaks to dis-engage cruise the speedometer stops working.

Then i drive without using cruise for a couple mins the speedo starts working again, so i tried resetting the ecu and the cel isn't on anymore. But i'm willing to bet my lifesavings that if i use cruise again the speedo will stop working and the CEL will come back on. Joined Jul 10, I'm having an issue right now with my 98 GSR that sounds somewhat similar. My Speedo will stop working when I hit a bump too bad and it's actually causing my alternator sp fuse fuse 15 under the dash to blow.

Pull the cover off of the Maxi-fuse holder, located along the positive terminal-side of the battery.

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Pull the Maxi-fuse out of the fuse holder to disable the motorcycle's electrical system. Unplug the vehicle speed sensor's electrical connector, located behind the rear engine cylinder and the starter motor.

Automatic Transmission Vehicle Speed Sensor Location and Replacement

Unscrew the bolt attaching the speed sensor to the engine crankcase, using an Allen wrench. Pull the speed sensor straight out of the engine crankcase. Install a new speed sensor into the engine crankcase.


VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor: Malfunction Location Symptoms

Screw the sensor retaining bolt into place and tighten it to 90 inch-pounds, using a torque wrench. Plug in the speed sensor connector. Push the Maxi-fuse into the fuse holder, then reinstall the fuse holder cover.

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