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Journals , Standards and Testing , Podcasts , Randomized Things , Conferences , Midwifery , Disabilities , Literature , Aviation , Chats and Forums , Biographies , Statistics , Mathematics , Psychology , Crafts , Education , Crime , Urban Legends , Britain economy is the third largest economy in continental Europe. Britain is also amongst member countries of G8 countries. We have a near-complete set of phone books for the whole country produced not only by BT, but also by its predecessors including Post Office Telecommunications, the National Telephone Company and other private companies.

BT's historical phone books from are available online. You can still see copies of the phone books from to the present in person at the BT Archives.

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These papers document the development of the telegraph and telephone services up to , and include records of preceding private telegraph and telephone companies taken over by the Post Office dating back to the early part of the 19th century. These are searchable and, where scanned, available to view on BT Digital Archives.

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