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The couple undertook the first of their exploratory trips to the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in , and initiated summer fieldwork in In the mids, Kay collaborated with Hajda in the study of continuity and change in ritual practices at Warm Springs. She was an expert consultant on public policy issues of mental retardation, gerontology, reading disabilities, and the nature of the hospital as a social environment. Beginning in , she was adjunct professor of anthropology at Reed, and, during the last 15 years, she was consulting ethnographer with Archaeological Investigations Northwest.

Kay was also a connoisseur of post-war and Pacific Northwest art. David died in Virginia attended Reed one year before taking a position with the Oregon Journal newspaper. She was one of nine women in a Printers Ink listing of top copywriters.

Anthony L. Anthony earned a BA from Reed in philosophy and literature.

For 30 years, he was a timber planner with the Deschutes National Forest. He credited his Hum experience as being a source for skills in communication that made his career in the forestry service a success.

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He studied and worked in the molecular biology department at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Bruno was a research scientist for NIH; and a program director, molecular biologist, and senior project officer for the National Science Foundation. The Griffin notes that Esta came to Reed in her junior year, called The Dalles home, and wrote a thesis on Roman imperialism. You ought to see her guard in basketball. Henry Harlow Skinner Jr.

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Hal attended Reed for two years before transferring to Amherst, where he earned a BA in biology. He remembered Reed as a community that placed value on an honor principle, on independent thought and expression, and also allowed for some fun. Army for two years.

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For 23 years, he practiced as a general surgeon in Yakima. When medical malpractice insurance rates soared, he left private practice to be a medical consultant for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry in Olympia and a surgeon and medical adviser at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla Hal married Mary Kathleen Rivera in ; she died in March.

Survivors include his two daughters, five grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and sister. Charlotte arrived at Reed for her sophomore year, and received a BA in psychology before enlisting in the Women's Army Corps. She completed two years of service, and then enrolled at Santa Barbara State, studying for graduate school entrance examinations. Rather than continue her education, she chose to marry Donald Sykes in ; they were together until his death in Charlotte cared for their three children and also provided extended care for three elderly family members.

She tutored elementary school children, and enjoyed sewing and baking. In , Charlotte and Donald moved to Paradise, where Charlotte reveled in the scenic beauty of the area. Survivors include two daughters and a son; seven grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; and her sister, Frances Blake Howard ' She earned a BA from Washington State College in hotel management, worked in restaurant management for the Stouffer organization, and then returned to LaGrande to operate her grandparents' establishment, the historic Sacajawea Hotel.

In , she married Thomas J. Stack; the couple moved to Portland for his medical practice. Nancy's primary focus was her family, which included five children and six grandchildren, who survive her. Jack attended Reed for five years, with a focus on sociology and psychology, and transferred to another institution when funds from the G.

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Bill expired. He was a caseworker for welfare, veteran, and detox programs in Multnomah Country. In , he married Lilli Reschke; they had two daughters and a son. She received a Master of Library Science degree and spent most of her career as head of the periodicals department at the SFSU library, a position she retired from after being diagnosed with dementia in Her Reed friends may recall Julie's quick wit, sweet nature, and readiness to laugh at the absurdities of life.

Almost everything she saw was fascinating and delightful to her. In late February, she refused nourishment of any kind and died peacefully a couple of weeks later.

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Survivors include her sister. He refused to sign the loyalty oath required of Oregon teachers during the McCarthy era, and moved to California in to become acting chief of public affairs for the California social welfare department, and executive secretary of the state social welfare board. He revised his MALS thesis to serve as the teacher's introduction to the series. In , he returned to Oregon to be speechwriter for Governor Robert Straub.

In , she earned an MA from Mt. Holyoke in cellular and developmental biology, and in , received a PhD from Emory University in pharmacology and pathology. She married John P. Nomi attended Reed, but did not graduate. For 16 years, she was an art and humanities librarian at Portland State University.

In , she married Arthur E. Survivors include her husband and daughter; a stepdaughter and stepson; a grandchild; and her mother, sister, and brother. One daughter predeceased her. Sally C. She taught public school K courses and also taught at a community college. In , she moved to Anacortes, where she worked as a technical writer in computing, and enjoyed painting, gardening, bird watching, and attending art festivals with her life partner, Virginia Foley.

Survivors include her partner, two daughters and a son, and one granddaughter. Only child of Edmund I.

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Snyder and renowned artist Amanda Tester Snyder, Eugene grew up in Portland, surrounded by books and art. Over the years, his fascination with language and picturesque phraseology led to a distinctive writing style that was precise, eloquent, and humorous. Following a stint as copyboy at the Oregonian, Eugene enrolled at Reed, where he thrived in his role as editor of the Griffin and wrote a political science thesis on the press and the presidential election of He left Reed intent on a career in writing, but the attack on Pearl Harbor altered his plans.

He served three years in the U. Navy as a communications officer. Subsequent research during evenings and weekends over the course of three years led him to write Early Portland: Stump-Town Triumphant, the first of more than a dozen books on Oregon history. Eugene also wrote about his travels in Mexico and Europe and about art—that of his mother, whose work he curated, and that of his uncle, artist Jefferson Tester. He worked as a program manager for the Electric Power Research Institute and as a private consultant, retiring in He and his wife, Christine, had two daughters and a son.

In his senior year, he applied for a Fulbright grant to study in Australia. By then, Rob and Karen V. The three spent two years in Australia, first in Canberra, where Rob studied with Australia's leading advocate for the inclusion of Australian literature as an academic study and with Australia's leading male poet, A. His personal opposition to the Vietnam War prevented his advancement in academia, however, so Rob and Karen and their two young sons moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to pursue what he hoped would be a less politically compromised career. The provincial government of Saskatchewan pioneered universal health care in —a social benefit that proved to be of special value in his family's life, and especially so for Rob, whose health began to fail by the time he retired from the University of Saskatchewan in He used his own innovative text for three of his courses, The Specific Writer, for tersely organized English; Words and the World, for semantics; and The Experimental Linguist, for English structural linguistics as an experimental science with practical applications.

Many others were fondly remembered. His second son, Ian, predeceased him. She also met Benjamin G. The couple celebrated 60 years of marriage in Survivors include Ben, two daughters and two sons, and three grandchildren. Jean, or Scottie, as she was known at Reed, began her education at the University of Oregon, but felt the school was too impersonal.

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She moved to Portland, where she lived with a maternal aunt and worked for State Farm Insurance and Albertina Kerr to earn money for tuition. They married in ; she worked in the coffee shop for a year while Ken finished his degree, after which she earned her BA in education. It was a wonderful experience, though, because I grew a great deal.

She worked for Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation in Clackamas and retired in She was a member of the First Unitarian Fellowship, a passionate supporter of the arts, and a volunteer for students in grade schools and seniors in retirement centers. She kept a close connection to the college throughout her life. She loved to engage in thoughtful debate and enjoyed being around others who shared the love of ideas. Survivors include two sons, one daughter, and a grandson. Courtesy of Special Collections, Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library, Reed College.

Poor class attendance in his junior year led to his leaving Reed.